MTX Hidden Zippers

The original and guaranteed hidden zippers, MTX from EmTex, are one of the most important products that fashion designers, sewing exhibitions, and everyone who sews and produces clothes depend on, as it is the secret hidden component that sets the rhythm of clothes from behind the curtain. We are proud to offer the finest types of hidden zippers that are guaranteed and lead-free. MTX hidden zippers are distinguished by their sharp colors and high stability, which maintains their luster, and freshness even after repeated washing operations, due to their highly accurate color treatment that does not allow color bleeding even with prolonged soaking in the washing machine. The degree of closeness of the teeth was carefully studied to give the best degree of impact directly on the smoothness and flow of repeated opening and closing thousands of times without suspension or damage in normal conditions, due to its reliance also on the dynamic pulling machine that we developed generation after generation to become in its best solution to bear with it frequent use and in all types of clothes. One of the most important advantages of the hidden zippers is it bears the washing and ironing operations and the high temperature of the iron in light of the frequent ironing operations, whether at home or in commercial laundries, in order to remain solid and strong, preserving its splendor and smoothness, and to complement the advantages of the EmTex hidden zippers. We offer them to clothing and fashion makers in a manner commensurate with their needs. We have studied all the needs related to fashion, small bags, and every place where the EmTex hidden zippers can be used to finally present it with a length of half a meter as we presented it in various in a color package that includes more than 30 different colors and varying degrees that are in harmony with any type of clothes in which the hidden zipper is one of its main components.

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