Spun (Tetron)

With the increasing global demand for natural cotton and the production being linked to harvest seasons and the amount of agricultural crops that may be damaged by natural or unnatural causes, there was a need to find an industrial alternative of industrial fabrics that could be manufactured in commercial quantities and on demand. From this point of view, the spun material was invented, which is an elegant, strong, and practical material with a texture that simulates natural cotton and is almost as cold as cotton, but does not wrinkle easily.
The spun material was invented in the year 1957, when the Tory company cooperated with the Teigen company to create the spun polyester material, and the product that they launched to the commercial market was named (Tetron), and this product spread very widely until the name of the product overshadowed the name of the material from which the product is made (spun polyester).
And because we at EmTex know the comfort and the beauty of high-class spun fabrics, we have become offering a wide variety of spun fabrics (Tetron) within a range of distinctive materials that differ in the way they are woven and spun, and because we know that a clothing is not just a robe, but rather a part of your life that you spend a lot of time with. At work, study, or daily style, each clothing has a special place in which you wear it within convictions that no one knows except you, which we understand and which inspires us to present our fabrics according to it, so we present spun fabrics (Tetron) in more than one shape and type so that everyone finds what suits his own standards, There is the light and soft spun, what is dense in the number of threads per inch, what is standing, what is drop-down, what is pure white, what is in its natural whiteness, and many patterns that give you the comfortable clothing that you seek.