Cotton Mixed with Polyester

Mixed fabrics or proportions fabrics are fabrics consisting of two fabric raw materials in varying proportions that are mixed and combined to yarn a fabric consisting of the characteristics of each type of woven fabric, and among the most distinctive mixed fabrics are natural cotton fabrics that are mixed with polyester fabrics, whether (Spun-Tetron) or Filament (Silk) or spun-filament fabrics, and the cotton and the polyester are mixed in varying proportions to produce tens of different materials that vary between soft and coarse, and between standing and drop-down, and the combinations vary, as cotton is more than polyester or vice versa.

Mixed fabrics are characterized by being cold fabrics on the body, which are suitable for hot and humid climates. They are among the characteristics of cotton fabrics, but they do not wrinkle easily and have a drop. They have strength and durability that make them maintain their luster for long periods, and they are among the characteristics of polyester fabrics.

We at EmTex offer an elegant collection of (mixed) fabrics with gradations in which the percentage of cotton in the fabric starts from 7% to 70% of cotton to suit all tastes.