Why is EmTex a leader?

The largest importer
of European Czech cotton fabrics
in the Middle East

Pure cotton fabrics
among the top 10%
of cotton fabrics in the world

The 1st Saudi commercial establishment
to obtain (OEKO-TEX) certification
in the field of men’s clothing textiles

Empire of Textiles (EmTex) Products

We are proud of our involvement in over 1,000 success stories for our customers by providing all components of the Saudi clothing

Buttons and accessories give the first impression towards the clothing, so we constantly create new shapes and designs

Woven fabrics from industrial raw materials are the most widespread and used types of fabrics, so we are interested in providing a wide variety of them

اقمشة قطن

Woven fabrics from natural raw materials that we care about providing the best and the purest from the finest and the most prestigious Japanese and European factories

قماش بوليستر قطن

These fabrics combine the health properties of natural fabrics and the practical properties of industrial fabrics, so we offer them with different mixing ratios to suit different tastes

سحابات مخفية ملونة

Zippers are considered one of the luxuries that add flexibility and aesthetics to the clothing, and due to our attention to detail, we presented them in a variety of types and colors, with guaranteed quality

خيوط خياطة

An elegant clothing needs strong threads to maintain its strength and cohesion, which made us pay close attention to the smallest details in our selection of threads and ribbons that will preserve the quality of your elegant dresses

Main Features

Products Quality

We rely mainly on the quality of our products in our pursuit of leadership, so all our products are of high quality due to our reliance on quality controls and standards of EmTex

Products distinction

We realize that excellence is not just a word we use to describe our products. The distinction of what we offer is a result of careful planning, effort, expertise, and fulfilling the requirements, needs and expectations of all our customers

Multiple Options

We work hard to provide many options by offering wide ranges of products of all kinds, colors, and designs, to create a free space for various ideas and innovations in the clothing

Competitive Prices

Our interest is not limited to providing multiple options of premium products with guaranteed quality, but we also offer that at competitive and appropriate prices, which supports complete reliance on EmTex products

Elevate your business and save a lot of time, effort and money

News and Articles

Follow everything new and useful in the world of fabrics, clothes and elegance

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Saudi clothing goes through many developments over the years, including pleats, embroidery, forms of collars, sleeves, linings, and many patterns that entered the clothing, which increased its beauty and elegance.