European-Czech Pima Cotton Fabrics

Natural fabrics: European-Czech natural cotton fabrics from EmTex, in their short description, are the best cotton fabrics you can wear in the field of men’s fabrics scientifically stripped of personal tastes because we rely on the best raw cotton crops from Pima cotton, and we spin it in one of the oldest and finest European-Czech factories, which operates according to Swiss quality standards.

Cotton fabrics are cold and healthy fabrics that allow air to permeate your body and absorb moisture to keep you comfortable, especially in the hot climates that characterize the Arab Gulf countries.

The types of cotton fabrics differ but what distinguishes them and makes them vary in quality are two basic factors, namely the quality of raw cotton, the quality of the yarn, and the processing of the cotton. In order to be able to provide the best that you can wear from cotton fabrics, we relied on the best raw cotton crops in the world, which is Pima cotton, which is considered the purest cotton crop in the world, which is grown in only three countries, and the best of these countries is the United States of America. As raw Pima cotton is distinguished from other cotton crops by its origin stems from Egyptian long-staple cotton seeds, which were cultivated according to the latest mechanisms and modern agricultural methods. As the best cotton seedlings are selected in the cotton crop according to accurate criteria and laboratory tests, so that the purest and fresh seeds are re-planted again in an effort to produce a better and purer crop, generation after generation and for dozens of successive decades so that Pima cotton finally becomes the purest cotton crop in the world, which constitutes only 3% of the total cotton crop from the entire world production of American cotton, this makes international fashion houses and major brands depend on Pima cotton in the production of their cotton clothes and textiles, It is worth noting that Pima cotton is used in only 10% of all cotton textiles of all kinds on the planet. Hence, we come to the second factor that raises the efficiency of cotton cloth, which is the spinning and weaving quality. From this standpoint, we at EmTex have crowned the best European spinning and weaving factories, specializing in dealing with cotton fabrics, according to strict controls that achieve the best results that can be obtained in the field of cotton fabrics.