ِClothing Snap Button

Clothing accessories or snap buttons this accessory that we are proud of having invented the idea of in the year 2012, and we presented it as a unique product that distinguished us and we drew the shape of modern clothing and put our mark on the Gulf and Saudi clothing in particular, and for more than 8 years the leadership has been our ally in the field of snap buttons and men’s clothing accessories, by presenting our sophisticated and varied designs that suit all models and designs, as part of a collection that we publish annually in a manner that keeps up with the times, generation after generation. We were not satisfied with presenting the finest designs and perfect shapes, but we presented every piece of art, including buttons and snap buttons for men’s clothing with a high quality that befits our brand (EmTex) the first and only Saudi brand in the field of clothing that combines fabrics, accessories and sewing supplies under one roof, as EmTex snap buttons are distinguished by their luster, accuracy of details, and the fact that they are of the highest quality to withstand repeated washing operations and their resistance to fading and color change, as they do not rust and does not lose their pigments on the fabric, as it is made and coated with special materials so that people who are allergic to metals do not get allergic to it, so that we can make the snap button of men’s clothes an elegant accessory which is everyone’s right.