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Fabric Empire represented in
(EMTEX) brand

ب The Textile Empire began its activity at the beginning of the first decade of the second millennium, as it was one of the facilities supplying Japanese and European men’s fabrics to the Saudi market, and the goal was to raise the level of product and service to meet the aspirations of individuals and the role of men’s fashion professionally and this goal was the main catalyst for forming partnerships with many companies and institutions And the role of men’s fashion and tailoring in the Saudi market, which had the merit after God in the growth and development of AMTEX, which was not satisfied with this success, but raised the ceiling of its aspirations and vision to provide more services that meet the needs of the market. Greater success and spread as it provides its services and products to all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council




How did AMTEX get the leadership?
The textile empire is distinguished by its leadership in many aspects




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